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About the Band

Acousticuted was formed by Bud Manthey
and has undergone different lineups over the years.
Our current lineup is:
Bud Manthey on Acoustic Guitar and vocals
Doug McPherson on Acoustic or Semi-acoustic Bass Guitar
and backing vocals
assorted nuts drummers on Drums and backing vocals
including Bill, Dan, Darren & Sonja.

Bud Manthey

Bud Manthey

Bud is the founder and front man of Acousticuted.

He has been playing guitar and performing since he was a little tacker (Aussie lingo for youngin) and it shows everytime he gets in front of an audience.

Doug McPherson

Doug McPherson

Doug is the bands bass player.

Like the others in Acousticuted, he started with music at an early age.
He started playing professionaly while still a teenager with a Victorian band called The Squares.
It was with them that he picked up his first bass guitar and hasn't looked back.
That brings us down to today where he now plays either his Hofner semi-acoustic bass or his Ibanez acoustic bass for Acousticuted.


We rely on a number of drummers, depending on the venue.

(in alphabetical order)

Billy Simpson
(behind the moustache)

Dan Filipovich
(with Friday the doglett)

Darren Gower
(behind one of his fans)

Sonja McPherson
(the prettiest one)

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Acousticuted's Facebook page

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